Patriot Policy Plan

Americans want their politicians to promote a more patriotic business economy. That is why the Patriot Policy Team has created an economically focused Patriot Policy Plan that focuses on areas where inequity can be remedied. This plan includes a funding approach that will not increase US Debt nor cost taxpayer any additional funds:

  • Re-allocating of current funding of failing Federal and State economic programs
  • Providing Tax Incentives/Credits to big businesses for mentorship programs
  • Spurring innovation by connecting smaller financial institutions with the Federal Government’s broad range of scientific and engineering research and development sectors.
  • Creating TARP like credit facilities to loan funding to Expand and improve institutional knowledge for smaller financial institutions.


  • Create 6 million new jobs, inclusive of 3 million new jobs for American citizens.
  • Create 1,000,000 new American Owned Small Businesses, inclusive of 500,000 new women owned businesses.
  • Increase access to capital by $1 Trillion to American small business owners and Entrepreneurs.
  • Increase access to financial markets to accrue assets/wealth to close the economic wealth gap between large and small cos.
  • Safe urban neighborhoods with higher policing standards
  • Bring better Healthcare to American owned small businesses.
  • To create morale and support for American patriotism through small business economic growth.
  • Creating access to capital for smaller financial institutions and other small companies in the financial services sector.


  • Sustain small businesses.
  • Create more sustainable employment opportunities.
  • Create new small businesses.
  • Increase access to capitalism.
  • Increase access to financial markets.
  • Safer urban neighborhoods with higher policing standards
  • Bring better Healthcare to American small business owners.