Community Collaboration: The Patriot Policy team in collaboration with local leaders and partner organizations is giving a voice to the voiceless economically.

Community Roundtables: These events create a safe space for entrepreneurs to have productive, respectful dialogue with their elected officials, corporations, donors, and local community leadership to find solutions to the issues affecting smaller businesses in America.

Community Town Halls: These events create an environment for leaders to invite the community at large into a safe space to organize, synergies, and mobilize local leaders, corporations, small businesses, faith organizations and the communities at large to back solutions that create access to capital, close the wealth gap between larger and smaller companies to fuel economic growth.

Patriot Policy Plan Roundtable & Town Hall Series:

  1. Chicago, IL: Hosted by former Governor Rod Blagojevich
  2. Atlanta, GA: Hosted by John Carter, Pastor K. Smith
  3. Houston, TX: Hosted by Malcolm Allen & Pastor Herman Matir
  4. Detroit, MI: Hosted by Pastor Marlin Reid & Bryan Waldron
  5. Richmond, VA: Hosted by Mark Parsons & Pastor Parsons
  6. Charlotte, NC: Hosted by Pastor Robinson & Bishop Dawson
  7. Fort Lauderdale, FL: Hosted by Kodak Black, Lamar Jackson
  8. Las Vegas, NV: Hosted by Dana White
  9. Philadelphia, PA: Hosted by Ikey Gardener and Leon Robinson
  10. New York, NY: Hosted by Datavault, Inc., Blue Sky Capital
  11. Bridgeport, CT: Hosted by Bridgeport City Council
  12. St. Louis, MO: Hosted by Darryl Strawberry
  13. Cleveland, OH: Hosted by Pastor Darrell Scott
  14. Milwaukee, WI: Hosted by

*****Hosts are potential hosting parties that we have worked with in the past whom we will invite once we confirm the dates, venues, and attendees per city*****

Patriot Policy Plan Tour Mission:

To promote patriotic business policies and raise awareness concerning the wealth gap between larger and smaller companies which is creating a two-tiered American economy collateralized by racial inequities though the issues are solely economically based not solely racially motivated.

Tour Philanthropic Private Partnership:

To enable economic empowerment for small businesses, the PPT has partnered with corporations, non-profits, private foundations, and government agencies to create powerful, patriotic policy partnerships to promote access to capital for underrepresented businesses to fuel American economic growth.