The Mass Majority of Americans feel Disconnected Economically

Per the PEW Institute, Among Americans overall, there is widespread agreement around which groups have too much power in today’s economy. About eight-in-ten or more adults say politicians (84%), large corporations (82%) and wealthy people (82%) have too much power and influence. About three-quarters (74%) say health insurance companies have too much power, and majorities say the same about banks and other financial institutions (64%) and technology companies (61%).

The notion that the U.S. economy is “rigged” to benefit the wealthy and special interests was a major rallying cry in the 2016 presidential election.

Upper-, middle- and lower-income adults are largely in agreement about the degree of influence these groups have. For example, 81% of upper-income adults say politicians have too much power and influence, as do 86% of middle- and 82% of lower-income adults. And large majorities across the three income groups say large corporations and people who are wealthy have too much power and influence.

There is some common ground across parties on this question. For example, large majorities of Republicans (86%) and Democrats (82%) say politicians have too much power and influence in the economy.

According to PEW Institute, 70% (231 million) Americans say U.S. economic system unfairly favors the powerful.

In short, most Americans, regardless of political leanings, feel economically disenfranchised. Government funding, inflation, COVID, and the lasting impact of the global recession have done nothing to remedy this issue.

Our country needs to promote economic growth through capitalism and innovation to provide disenfranchised Americans a path to prosperity not socialistic initiatives.



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