About Us

The United Council for Community and Urban Redevelopment “UCCUR”, established as an IRS approved tax-exempt nonprofit in 2002, creates high impact, innovative, and transparent policy program initiatives for economic development to create economic growth for American business owners. The Patriot Policy Plan created by UCCUR’s Patriot Policy Team (“PPT”) is one the most patriotic small business initiatives in the history of our great country promoting economic development, economic rights and economic growth through free market enterprise marketplaces and small governments.

The PPT’s focus on high quality programming with quantifiable outcomes was accomplished by identifying the specific needs of smaller businesses and the communities they serve by providing human capital and educational resources to create meaningful programs and policies.

The PPT’s reputation as highly engaged and effective policymakers has garnered the trust of key marketplace stakeholders, industry leaders, corporations, policymakers, and legislators provide new opportunities to produce favorable outcomes in a collaborative environment.


UCCUR Other Policy Programs & Policy Triumphs:

  • LMI Small Business Grant Assistance Program
  • Operation Recovery
  • Bridging the Gap Prison Outreach
  • Covenant Childcare Learning & Enrichment Center
  • Community Redevelopment Program
  • Health Awareness & Community Engagement
  • Anti-Bullying Child Advocacy Initiative
  • Health Awareness & Community Engagement
  • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (2017) – Opportunity Zone Legislation Advocate
  • The First Step Act (2018) – Served on White House Prison Reform Board
  • The Futures Act (2019) – HBCU Funding Advocate
  • Health Awareness & Community Engageme